How the Ecrowd platform works!

Reliability and transparency

  • We thoroughly analyze each of the projects presented from an economical, technical and legal perspective.
  • If we consider the project economically viable and fitting with our philosophy, we publish the project and investors can decide to invest in it.
  • Also, the publication of the project is a promotional campaign for the company requesting funding.

95% of
published projects
have achieved desired funding

finance with Ecrowd?

Up to € 300,000

  • We finance a wider variety of projects than tradtional banking.
  • You can get a collective loan in a agile way It's quick and easy.
  • You do NOT have to contract other financial products in order to get the loan approved.
  • You can convert collective financing in a promotional tool for your company.

The average time
to achieve
total amount
7 days

What kind of investment projects do we finance?

Positive impact

  • Implementation of improvements based on proven technologies to replace other less efficient ones.
  • Investments that provide economic profitability and with instalments that are paybable by the borrower.
  • We finance investments for building owner communities, companies, municipalities, cooperatives, freelancers and individuals.
  • We can finance collective loans between € 25,000 and € 300,000.
  • We do NOT finance research projects or companies that are looking for capital.

Most of the
financed companies return
to apply for loans
for other projects

Explain the investment you would like to finance

Explain us who is requesting finance and what type of project will be financed
*Due to regulación we can only finance projects in the EU