Ampliación de la Comunidad Energética de Luco de Jiloca - Teruel


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Amount : 25.000€

Yearly interest:  

monthly instalments: 60

Investors: 51

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Positive impact generated

La producción de energía renovable de todas las instalaciones de la Comunidad Energética, que sumarán un total de 60 kW de potencia nominal se estima que evitará anualmente la emisión de unas 31,55 Tm CO2eq. 

Project to finance:

Expansion of the photovoltaic solar energy facilities of the Luco de Jiloca Energy Community (Teruel) with 28 more solar panels of 535 W, thus achieving:

• Greater efficiency in consumption, and reduced spending on connected homes.

• Implementation of renewables based on respect and commitment to the community, instead of betting on large projects developed without the citizens' backs.

• Development of the local economy.

• Generate employment through the knowledge acquired with our experience.

• Strengthening community ties and establishing population in our environment.

• Redistribution of benefits, which mostly revert to the local community.

• Protect the environment, reduce pollution, promote biodiversity, soil protection and promote the efficiency of natural resources.

• Protection, promotion and development of cultural heritage.

The production of renewable energy from all the facilities of the Energy Community, which will add up to a total of 60 kW of nominal power, is estimated to prevent the emission of about 31.55 Tm CO2eq annually.


The expansion of our energy generation facility by 10-15 kW will allow us to meet the demand of new partners who are already interested and willing to integrate and be part of the Luco de Jiloca Energy Community as well as increase the current members regarding the possible incorporation of new electrical consumption elements in their homes.


"Km0" Project: During the first two weeks of this citizen participatory financing campaign, investment in this collective loan will be limited to people who receive an email invitation from LUCO ENERGÍA. Starting on 08-16-2023 it will be open to anyone who wants to participate.

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The LUCO ENERGIA Cooperative Society, a non-profit cooperative of consumers and users, since it was launched last June 2021, has carried out the installation of a solar farm for collective self-consumption with a current power of up to 49 kW and thus meet the daytime energy demand of its consumer partners. Since April 21, 2023, we have started our KM0 energy production activity and we are beginning to generate new consumption habits among our partners to optimize and enhance economic savings on their electricity bills. at the end of the month.

We are the FIRST ENERGY COMMUNITY IN ARAGON, in rural areas and OF CITIZEN INITIATIVE. This makes us a pioneering project in our Region and a reference at a regional, regional and even national level.

In the current energy framework, given the instability of prices and existing models, our project, based on the self-consumption of energy produced from renewable energies and generated where it is consumed (KM0), opens the way to new energy models being a pilot project replicable in any rural or urban area of ​​the country.

It makes us owners of our own energy and freer from constant price fluctuations.

The project has been viable and sustainable thanks to the absolute involvement of its partners-consumers, already reinforced with the activated sale of surplus energy, once our “solar garden” is in operation. These surpluses of energy produced not consumed by our partners instantly, discharged into the grid and sold on the market through our marketer of last resort, Energia XXI, are generating an economic surplus on a monthly basis, which we estimate will be sufficient to cover annually the maintenance costs, relevant insurance and management of the cooperative itself, as well as supporting future initiatives whether at an environmental, social or cultural level.

We have been established, since June 2021, as a non-profit Cooperative Society “LUCO ENERGIA” made up of 27 members currently, of which 25 are individuals and residents of the town, 1 company located in the town itself and the local entity of the Calamocha City Council to which the district of Luco de Jiloca belongs today.

LUCO ENERGIA is led by the Governing Council and Assembly, the entity being made up of those 27 partners currently.

The Governing Council is responsible for the technical, legal and economic management of the company and ensures its proper functioning. It is made up of 4 residents of the town of Luco de Jiloca, promoters and promoters of the initiative to implement the 1st Energy Community of Aragon as a citizen initiative.

The General Assembly, the supreme body for expressing the social will, is convened once a year for the attendance of all its components and where we deliberate, make agreements and approve all matters of interest to society. Each member represents one vote.

Improvements in the economic activities of the environment:

We have implemented an Energy Community project at all levels, combining the great potential of our environment, its resources and its people in addition to aligning ourselves with the European requirements in terms of sustainability and energy production of KM0, promoting a fair transition towards a system clean, distributed energy without CO2 emissions.

As an Energy Community we become a key player in the reorganization of energy production and distribution systems that allow us to take advantage of renewable resources where they are and are an open door for the active participation of citizens in the energy system and its democratization.

Developed at a local level, they place the benefit of the community and its environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability at the center. That is our permanent and primary objective.

We additionally highlight the origin of new real ventures from the constant demand for information and technical advice for the implementation of new energy communities in locations with similar characteristics, not only at the local or regional level but throughout the national geography. That is why, through the knowledge acquired with our pioneering experience, we are generating direct employment and wealth in the area of ​​Luco de Jiloca with the constitution of a new company that was born from the driving and management group of Luco Energía, with the in order to meet all this demand and facilitate the development and implementation of the model developed here.

Estimated results:

We estimate with the implementation, execution and recent start-up of our “solar garden” to begin offering direct energy consumption savings to our partners of between 50% and 70%. This savings will be supported by permanent and direct training and assistance, in order to optimize this self-generated energy and, above all, by the personal effort of each of them and their family members/cohabitants that will generate new consumption habits. and routines different from the current ones. We always insist that the result depends on the adaptation of each partner-consumer and their ability to self-consume the self-produced energy to the maximum.

We anticipate that, based on the surpluses as we have advanced, we will be able to undertake multiple initiatives that, on a small scale, will serve to generate movement and dynamics that help combat depopulation and create attractions for return to rural localities. . In short, we are engines and drivers of movement in rural areas (“movement always generates movement”), generating value by promoting sustainability and the diversity of opportunities that the rural world offers, above all, to young people.

We also seek, within the framework of promoting respect and care for the environment, to familiarize, bring together and develop mechanisms that make palpable and tangible the contribution of each partner-consumer to mitigate the impacts of society on the environment.

Finally, we verify from the first minute that our project is born, the consolidation of the feeling of belonging and Community that we must continue working and developing, always from proximity and transparency in all the actions and decisions taken as an Energy Community.

Documentary series "How to create an energy community? It is in our hands", in which LUCO ENERGÍA has actively participated:

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Presentation of the LUCO ENERGÍA energy community project for the Som Energia Social Germinator contest:

Presentation of the town, Luco de Jiloca:

The project is located in the town of Luco de Jiloca, a small town located northwest of the province of Teruel, on the right bank of the Jiloca River. It has an area of ​​23.6 km2 and is located at an altitude of 838m. The town is well connected by road, surrounding it is National Highway 234 and about 10 km away we can find the A-23 Highway.

Luco has a unique entity since since 1971 it belongs to the town of Calamocha as a pedestrian neighborhood, which also has 10 other districts under its charge. Luco de Jiloca is located at a distance of 9 km from Calamocha.

According to the population register, the town has a census of 75 people, of which there are about 55 permanently living there.

The area in which we are located has a continental Mediterranean-type climate in which cloudy days are infrequent, with clear skies predominating, which translates into high values ​​of sunshine reaching 2,700 hours annually, which is a very favorable issue. to the efficiency of our photovoltaic installation for Collective Self-Consumption.


What do you have to do to participate in this collective loan?:

- Request an invitation to LUCO ENERGÍA. From the link in that invitation, register for free on the Ecrowd website and upload a copy of your DNI (or NIE + passport), valid and on both sides, in .pdf or .jpg format, in the "My profile" section. ". If you were already registered, log in to your Ecrowd account from the invitation link.

- Find out the details of how the collective loan works (interest, terms, risks and fees) in the "Investment operation" section of the project.

- Find out about the applicant entity in the "Promoter" section and about the people who manage it in the "management team" section.

- Decide the amount of your investment (minimum €50, and maximum €1,000) and the method with which to contribute the funds.

Guarantees of this collective loan:

This collective loan has the unlimited personal guarantee of the requesting entity: SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA LUCO ENERGÍA.

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This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
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This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.

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