I want to invest, what should I do now?

Ecrowd offers the possibility to invest in profitable projects with high social impact. Anybody that is a member of Ecrowd can participate with a minimum investment of 50€.

Using the Ecrowd platform, you can get to know the projects and select the ones that best adapt to your preferences.

1. Inform yourself

Ecrowd is an investment platform for loans. Instead of leaving it on a bank account, you will put it to work in companies, receiving a higher return and deciding directly which projects you consider worth to be realized.

2. Create account

Please register to have access to the detailed project information and to invest.

3. Select investment

Every project has its own characteristics and has been evaluated for technical, legal and financial compliance by independent experts and Ecrowd Once you have chosen your project, indicate the amount you want to invest, with a minimum of 50€.

4. Fund collection

During fund collection, you can consult the progress of your investments in your personal area on the platform. We will also keep you updated by email.

Sharing Ecrowd with your friends can help speed up fund collection.

5. End of the collection period

The funding goal is reached

We will inform you when we have reached the minimum required investment. If you haven't done so, we'll require you to transfer the remainder of your investment and we will sign the loan contract in your name. Your account will always show thelatest information on the projects and the progress.

The funding goal is not reached

It may happen that a project does not reach its funding goal. When this happens, we can decide to continue fund raising, or to exclude the project from the platform. In the latter case, you can re-invest your downpayment in another project, or you can request reimbursement without any charges or fees.

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